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Simien Mountains, in the Gondar region of Ethiopia

African Eve

Did all humankind descend from a single set of parents, or did the different races of man evolve from underman to man in different geographical locations? Those rooted in the Judeo-Christian tradition would believe in an Adam and Eve, however distant in role and location from the biblical couple. This is however untenable from the anthropological point of view. Evolution of many different races of man took place in different locales at different time-scales. Europeans had light skin, blue eyes, and blond hair, and Africans had dark skin, black eyes, and black hair, long before either the European or the African had crossed the threshold from anthropoid ape to Homo sapiens. The primary races of man were created by the forces of mutation and natural selection in isolated natural environments for thousands of years, long before the dawn of civilization.
For the vast majority of human history there has been no significant miscegenation of these races and sub-races, since endogamy has been the exception rather than the rule in most traditional societies. Man does not evolve upward through the mixing of races but by the selection of superior traits as each race adapts and evolves to gain appropriate characteristics enhancing survival in its own natural environment.
Only from the middle ages did large-scale human migration, especially in Europe and Asia, lead to a significant amount of intermeshing of races. For example, the Mongol and Hun incursions into Europe is sure to have left large pools of Altaic genes in Europe, remnants of which are prominent to this day.
The main position of all thinking, and not self-serving persons should be that the upwardly mobile evolution of mankind should NOT be through the mixing of races to create a homogeneous mass of humanity, but to preserve the unique characteristics of each race, enabling it to attain better qualities and capability to adapt and improve. The history of man has repeatedly shown that multiculturalism and multiracial societies inevitably lead to physical and cultural degeneration. We shall condemn humanity to a future of living like blobs of undifferentiated clay if we encourage the mixing of races as an enlightened concept. Nothing can be called enlightened which results in the dumbing-down of our species. Interbreeding of races will bring about the existence of hybrid races which will be morally and physically degenerate and will never be able to move up the evolutionary ladder.
Hence members of all races should form a united front against those who propose racial intermixing that will wipe out all racial differences.